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Holland Law Office  is dedicated to helping clients successfully get out of debt and build a financially stable life.

About Steve Holland

Steve: Your Fort Collins bankruptcy attorney

Steven has a great record of helping others overcome debt challenges

Steven is a graduate of the University of Wyoming College of Law in 1993. Since that time, he has continuously practiced law, especially bankruptcy law. Mr. Holland is an active member of the Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming State bars and an active member of the First United Methodist Church in Fort Collins.

Steven is dedicated to the satisfaction of our clients, and is committed to providing professional services and obtaining superior results. He desires to help our clients successfully get out of debt and build financially stable lives. His experience can help you accomplish these goals.

How Can Steven Help You?

Steven, our Fort Collins bankruptcy attorney, will be your personal legal and financial adviser. He will help you understand what your options are and ensure that you can confidently choose the solution that will work best for you. He will be your advocate throughout the entire bankruptcy process. He will work to defend your property from your creditors. Steven will help put you on the path to a full financial recovery.

Steven offers free consultations to evaluate your financial situation, so you can make an informed decision about the bankruptcy process. Simply complete a bankruptcy evaluation. Let him help you get back on the road to a financially secure life.

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